Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to Okaloosa County Enterprise GIS:

The GIS Division is responsible for managing all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) related activities for the County.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the GIS Division is to define, design and deliver an organized, shared geospatial-centric information infrastructure that enables our county to manage data and resources using a cost effective county wide enterprise approach.

Strategic Goal:

The GIS Division strives to provide a robust user friendly access to “on demand” geospatial data and systems for critical government services that affect the citizens of Okaloosa County.

The GIS Division is composed of 3 groups:

GIS Services Group:

Coordinates GIS data and map production, maintenance, analysis, training and special projects.

Kimberly Steele
GIS Services Coordinator


Telecommunications and Geomatics Services Group:

Manages county fiber optic telecommunications utility and all other related and supporting infastructure.

Field Operations:

Coordinates GIS related engineering and survey activities and telecommunications maintenance.

Jason Snyder
Telecommunciations and Geomatics Field Operations Coordinator


Systems Development and Operations Group:

Coordinates and manages GIS related hardware, software, system, database, website and other application development and operational support.

Chuck Larouche
SDO Coordinator