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Environmental Services Division
Mosquito Control

The Mosquito Control division operates a county-wide program, excluding the Air Force Bases and all state parks, which provides surveillance and spraying services to control mosquitoes in both the larval and adult stages.

Educational and abatement activities are also performed to control domestic mosquitoes to protect citizens from nuisance and health problems associated with large populations of mosquitoes.

Emergency Contact:
Scott Henson, Manager
Eric Evers, North County
Brian Shepheard,
South County

Okaloosa County Mosquito Species:

Of the 80 mosquito species found in Florida, APPROXIMATELY 30 species may be found in Okaloosa County, and to the trained eye, each one looks as different as a poodle and a doberman. Adult mosquitoes vary widely in size, ranging from about 1/8 inch to about 1-1/2 inches.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) shown above, is common around homes since its invasion into Okaloosa County, and is one of the smaller mosquitoes. Other mosquitoes you may find in your yard or home are usually bigger. Mosquitoes share similar habits, but each has a distinct lifestyle. Fortunately, not very many of these species are major pests or disease carriers.

Horse owners and Veterinarians can sign up for free alerts via the program's website, www.outbreak-alert.com. When a disease report occurs, those who have signed up for the notification and live within a 250-mile radius of the reported outbreak will receive a text or email message to alert them of the potential disease threat.

Owners who travel with their horses and want to stay abreast of disease threats in other parts of the country can enter multiple ZIP codes in the site's search field. They will then be able to receive alerts for all areas they have selected.

Okaloosa County Mosquito Control District
84 Ready Avenue
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548
Phone: (850) 651-7394 or (850) 689-5774
Fax: (850) 651-7397