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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
To protect the health, safety and welfare of our community with
pride and professionalism.
Our commitment to excellence is highlighted by the provision of pre-hospital Advanced Life Support emergency medical care to everyone in the community 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2006, we added two BLS ambulances to our fleet that handle interfacility transfer. This ensures ALS units stay in service for 911 emergencies.
EMS Teams and Units
Water Rescue Team
The first nationally-certified Swiftwater Rescue Team in Florida.
Wildfire Team
Provides medical and logistic support during wildland fires

Tactical Medics
Provides specialized medical support to the Sheriff's Special Response Team

Bike Medic Team
provides rapid deployment and access during large crowd events such as festivals, concerts and sporting events

Disaster Medical Assistance Team
deploys to disaster areas in other parts of the nation to provide medical support to victims and assist the local medical system.
Beach Safety Unit
provides rapid Advanced Life Support to the five miles of guarded beaches as well as five miles of unguarded military beach on Okaloosa Island.

Dino J. Villani,
Director of Public Safety
90 College Boulevard East
Niceville, FL 32578
Phone: (850) 651-7150
Fax: (850) 651-7170