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About Okaloosa County Government:

The purpose of Okaloosa County government is to be responsive to citizens in providing an appropriate level of accessible services on a cost effective basis. Critical County values include the following: continual improvement of infrastructure; health, safety, and well-being of the citizens; preservation of natural resources; responsible economic development; leadership; and stewardship.

    The Commission consists of five members elected at large to serve staggered terms of four years. One commissioner residing in each district is elected as provided by law. The County Manager is hired by the Commission to execute policies established by the Commission and administers all departments responsible to the Commission.

    Each elected constitutional public office: Clerk of Circuit Court, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, and Tax Collector administers his or her constitutional responsibility separately from the County Commission, except each constitutional office derives a majority of its funding from the County Commission. Ask me about "Issues" on BCC "Contact Us" page.

    Counties are mandated by the State of Florida to provide county-wide services such as: law enforcement, operation of the county jail, appraisal of property, tax collection, election supervision, judicial services, construction and maintenance of the countywide road system, public health, job training, cooperative extension, veteran services, emergency management, mosquito and animal control, social and medical welfare services, and solid waste disposal.